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The Øne Clinic offers three consulting areas and discreet service in an exclusive, comfortable and pleasant environment.

Committed to offering a superior, personalised service, the Øne Clinic has its own photographic studio where we can evaluate your progress from the beginning to the end result. The latest equipment is used, enabling 3D facial and dental scans, as well as CBCT Radiology.
The clinic also features an academic side, where professionals from around the world are instructed in the most advanced techniques in dental and facial aesthetics.


Video Consultation

We offer a video consultation service for patients who do not live in Marbella but want to receive treatment at our clinic.
Through the video call we will make an initial contact with the patients, to jointly analyze their cases before their visits to the clinic.
Vídeo Consultation - Dentist in Marbella


Chauffeur and accommodation

The Øne Clinic can provide a private chauffeur for collection, including from the airport, as well as accommodation designed for optimal discretion, comfort and convenience during longer treatments.


Financing facilities

For those who wish, there is financing available under attractive, commission-free conditions. As always, the service is personalised, discreet and convenient, so we find the option best suited to your needs.


Virtual Reality Headset

Watch your favorite shows with our VR headset while you are having your teeth whitened or receiving any other kind of treatment at the Øne Dental Clinic. Without a doubt, a great improvement to make our patients feel comfortable.


Conscious sedation

Some patients suffer from anxiety and discomfort within a medical environment. For them we provide conscious sedation – a combination of painkilling anaesthetics and calming sedation administered by expert anaesthetists that allows those not normally comfortable with dental procedures to relax.


Discretion and private access

If privacy and discretion is important to you, we have a separate entrance that leads directly to a private consultation room. Øne is committed to offering optimal confidentiality and privacy throughout your treatment with us, and this naturally extends to the treatment of client data.
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