Øne People: Raquel Zamora

From the first moment in Øne they transmitted me that security and confidence that one rarely feels in a dental clinic, they have managed to exceed my expectations and make me never stop smiling!

Raquel Zamora is the founder of several successful companies in Marbella.

Her first venture was Milk&Roses, a beauty center where Eva Longoria and Maribel Verdú take care of themselves.

Then came the organic food restaurant Rachel’s Eco Love and the Lagom Café coffee shop, both located in the Puente Romano Hotel and promoting a healthy lifestyle with organic and creative alternatives.

Not to be satisfied, later opened Szia a bakery and flower shop that seeks to sweeten and fill our lives of its customers with love.

Without neglecting its interest in different cultures and gastronomies, she launches her new project 11:11 Société. Trying to take us at the exotic flavors of Mexican and Middle Eastern food.

If it is worth mentioning an important characteristic from Raquel, it is that she is always looking to improve and fill our lives with new experiences.


- Raquel Zamora