Øne is equipped with the most advanced technology  that allows for extraordinary  results.
This advanced digital technology opens up new possibilities, such as the creation of a 3D simulation of the final result through Augmented Reality (AR) or the modelling of design prototypes with the use of 3D printing.
The 3D facial scanner allows us to maximise facial harmony in all our aesthetic dentistry treatments. Thanks to the Intra-Oral Scanner we can offer the Smile Donator concept, which adapts the kind of smile you want to your facial structure.


Intra-oral Scanner

One of the most significant dental developments in recent times is the introduction of digital scanning techniques as an alternative to Silicon PVS printing. The new technology is more detailed and precise, which enables dentists to perfect their treatments.
The system is also more comfortable for patients, removing one of the traditional sources of discomfort when visiting a dental practice.


Cone Beam 3D Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Commonly known as a CAT-Scan, this advanced type of radiography enables a detailed, three-dimensional view of the area under examination. It is used to develop a prognosis and identify the anatomical characteristics required for more complex dental treatments – such as evaluation and planning the positioning of implants.
The scanner provides high-resolution precision imagery of the mouth, jaw area and neck. Importantly, this type of machinery exposes the patient to minimal radiation with minimal invasiveness.


Digital radiography

Thanks to Digital Radiography, X-rays are now taken in the flash of an eyelid. Radiation levels are low (90% below traditional X-rays) and this technology allows the dentist to see even small areas clearly, while digital technology makes it possible to zoom in without losing resolution, for optimal evaluation and treatment.


3D Facial Scanner

This next-generation scanner collects facial data and creates models that enhance the doctor’s ability to provide personalised treatments. Dr. Pereira is co-developer of one of the most advanced scanners on the market used for diagnosing patients.


Virtual Reality Headset

Enjoy your favorite series while you are whitening your teeth or receiving any other type of treatment in our clinic. From Øne Clinic, we always seek to offer happiness and comfort in our services.
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