Video Consultation

We offer a video consultation service for patients who want to receive treatment at our clinic.

We take care of the health of our patients, offering maximum safety and comfort.

Our video consultation service allows us to continue assisting all our patients and assess new treatments without leaving home.

Phone Photo Protocol for Pre-evaluation

1. Photos

Please make the pictures in front of a window so the light is good

Left side biting down

Right side biting down

Frontal biting down

Frontal Slight Open

Frontal Smile Picture

2. Video

Please Record a video with your phone. Adjust the video setting for 4K, if posible.

The phone should be an arm distance from your face (approximately 1 meter). Record a short video counting out loud from 1 to 10. Try to record it in front of a window. Then stop and give a big smile, turn your head to the left and to the right, slowly while you’re smiling. And then count down form 10 to 1 . The video should be around 25-20 seconds.

3. Form

Please fill up the form with your personal data, including the 5 photographs and the video.

We will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment through the platform you want.

Fill in your details and send

    Photo (Max. 1 MB):
    Photo (Max. 1 MB):
    Photo (Max. 1 MB):
    Photo (Max. 1 MB):
    Photo (Max. 1 MB):
    Video (Max. 20 MB):

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