Dental Implants in Marbella

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What are dental implants?

They can give you back the confidence whenever smiling, you can eat without worries, because they are exactly the same as your own teeth.

Dental implants are made of titanium (also used for other medical prosthesis as the hip ones because is 100% biocompatible and very resistant) and they work as the root of your tooth to hold the future crown. Whenever lacking multiple teeth there’s no need of placing one implant per tooth, we can do a “bridge” which means multiple teeth hold on few implants.

Exceptional quality is our identity sign

In Øne clinic we want to offer the best dental implant brand for our patients.

That’s why we use Straumann implants, a Swiss brand with life warranty. They are world wide known as the best brand in dental implants because the have many scientific studies behind.

We use all the components of the implant prosthesis original from Straumann, produced following the quality standards and internationally accepted.

Ask always for the quality stamp, the brand or label of the implant and the prosthesis components. Like in other fields, there are many private enterprises that copy the components to make them cheaper but they don’t have the quality standards.

Dr. Miguel Romero


Doctorate and specialised training in periodontics and implantology at the Iowa University in the United States. Dr. Miguel is the one who takes care of the gums of our Øne patients to improve their health and aesthetics, he can also help you to replace your missing teeth.

What are immediate implants?

Immediate implant is when we extract the failing tooth or teeth and in the same moment we place a dental implant in the same space where the tooth was. That is very comfortable for the patient since we do all the treatment in one only appointment.

We can also place a fix tooth the same day of the implant placement, so you can leave the practice as nothing happened!

In bigger cases when all of our teeth are failing we can provide you with all the implants needed and with a full new set of teeth according your esthetic needs in the same day of the surgery.

We offer to do all our treatments under iv sedation so you can relax because thanks to this you won’t feel any kind of stress.

Dental implant experts in Marbella

When loosing a tooth all the balance of the mouth suffers and the neighboring teeth tend to move to close the space. This creates new spaces in between the rest of the teeth where we get food impaction that create cavity’s and gums inflammatory issues.

Furthermore, whenever changing the tooth position the bite changes and can create many problems, for instance when we loose a lower molar, the upper molar in relationship with it tends to start growing because no longer has a stop when chewing, so we end up loosing the upper molar too.

Dental Implants advantages

Are you planning to get dental implants in Marbella? These are the advantages that this solution offers:


Implants maintain the bone and the gum in place

When we don’t replace the missing teeth, the bone and the gums stop working correctly because they no longer receive chewing forces, so they became atrofic and they loose the quality and the quantity.


There’s no need of preparing (or polishing) the neighboring teeth

With dental implants we don’t need to touch or prepare or polish the neighboring healthy teeth in order to cement a “bridge” over them as a restauration of the missing tooth, because the implant and its crown is going to fill the space and doesn’t need to hold itself on the neighboring teeth.


Dental implants maintain your smile

There are no differences between the esthetic of a dental implant or a natural tooth so you are going to be able to smile and eat with complete confidence.


Complete integration

Dental implants are made of titanium, strong material 100% biocompatible that our bone accepts and integrates in approximately three months after the implant placement.

Cigomatic implants

They are an alternative to bone grafts, because we subject this implants in the cheeck bones so we no longer need to do bone grafts in the jaws.

Thanks to this solution we can place immediate teeth the same day of the implant placement, what we call immediate loading. Thanks to this, you will be able to smile, eat and talk normally the dame day of the implant placement.

They are a great solution but every case has to be studied carefully to see if it is the best solution for you.

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