Facial mesotherapy Marbella

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Facial Mesotherapy

We apply hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioidants, organic silicon, trace elements and homeopathy to achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

The result is supple, fresh and hydrated skin as hyaluronic acid helps to retain fluid and reconstitute the fibres that sustain the skin tissue.


What does treatment consist of?

It is made up of small injections at subcutaneous or intradermal level with the aim of deep hydration of the skin, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastina, preventing ageing, sagginess, and making your skin appear more luminous.
The treatment can be offered with local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort.


Benefits of Facial Mesotherapy

Hydrates, densifies, firms and revitalises the facial area.
Areas of application:
· Face
· Neck
· Neckline
· Hands
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