Medical Peeling

Vibrant, luminous skin free of marks and wrinkles.

Medical Peeling

Medical Peeling is a non-surgical treatment that works with immediate effect to rejuvenate the skin and regenerates the dermal matrix of several layers deep. It serves to eliminate marks on the face, diminish wrinkles and scars left by acne, hydrating and regenerating your facial aspect.

This exfoliation replaces damaged outer layers with new cells, giving you a younger and fresher appearance. The result is a skin that looks and feels clearer as well as more luminous, elastic and taut.

The most common areas treated in this way are:

· The face
· Neck and neckline
· Backs of the hands


What are the benefits of Peeling?

Anyone who wishes to enhance their appearance from the age of 20 onwards will benefit from a medical facial peeling.
This is especially true of women with skin blemishes and graininess, as well as acne stains. Medical Peeling is also highly effective in removing small wrinkles and crowsfeet.
The treatment results in skin rejuvenation and a younger looking face, and should be considered if you have been exposed to the sun for long periods of time, a situation that leads to photo-ageing, where the drying of the skin speeds up the development of deep wrinkles and facial creases, sun stains and thickening.
In addition, medical peeling is also used in the effective treatment of hyperchromia (skin blemishes), keratosis, stretch marks and scars.
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