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Our whitening treatment employs innovative Glo technology from New York for teeth that are whiter and sensitivity-free.

Øne Whitening

One of the side-effects of conventional whitening is sensitive teeth. The Glo Nozzle we use is designed to significantly reduce this and also improve overall results. The same applicator can later also be used at home to keep your teeth free of staining.


Is dental whitening an aggressive type of treatment?

No, the method employed by the Øne Clinic uses special peroxide that gives off oxygen and is activated by light. The oxygen particles thus produced break down the rings and stains without wearing down the enamel.


How long does the effect last?

Our teeth are continuously exposed to staining elements such as wine, tea, coffee, etc. The precise durability of the whiteness depends in large measure upon the amount of exposure you put your teeth through, yet a brief annual touch-up treatment is the ideal way to ensure your teeth remain brilliant and white.
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