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“Losing your smile is like losing a hand”

I graduated in my field of specialisation 15 years ago at NYU (the University of New York). At the time, some of my lecturers were already working on providing treatments to enhance facial features through dental procedures. This made me decide to take a step back and study the aesthetics of the nose, the lips and the chin, and how they affect our smile.

Five years ago I completed my doctorate in facial aesthetics, and my research is now published in international medical journals and magazines. While I was undertaking this research people often asked me why I as a dentist was dedicating so much time to the study of the nose and lips. I always remind them that the lips and nose, as well as the mouth, determine one’s smile and affect one’s face.

I believe that you cannot treat them as separate elements if you want to achieve a successful, natural result.

You will then be able to find the next conferences that Dr. Bruno Pereira will carry out
28 de Sep.. – Research days of the dental school of Seville
1 de  Oct. – Master of Periodontics and Implantology at the University of Seville
11 de  Oct. – Annual Congress of the Society of Spanish Prosthesis and Esthetics | Info
26 de Oct. – Iti study club – malaga
24 de Nov. –  Annual Congress of the Brazilian Society of Dentistry | Info
5 de Dec. –  Esthetic  week NYU & Santa Monica – Nueva York  |  Info
15,16 de Feb. 2019 – University Expert in Multidisciplinary Aesthetic Implantology UNIA
15y 16 de Junio –  Soluciones Estéticas con Carillas cerámicas – GC campus -madrid
18 y 19 de Junio – DSD & First Fit certification Course – Madrid –
22,23,24 Sep. – The Integration of Esthetics and Function Athens |  Info
5 y 6 de Apr. 2019 – Digital Smile Design Digital planning and Facial integration – Santa Mónica Formación – Alicante  | Info
10 y 11 de May 2019 – Ceramic Veneers 2.0 – Santa Mónica Formación – Alicante  | Info
7 y 8 de June 2019 – Insulation and Cementation of Veneers – Santa Mónica Formación – Alicante  | Info
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