Orthodontics and Invisalign Marbella

Øne offers different orthodontic treatment options to suit your lifestyle. Conventional orthodontics (metal or white brackets) and the best invisible technique: Invisalign.

Invisalign is the alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances with similar results. It consists of several transparent, removable aligners that patients wear 22 hours a day, which they take out to eat, significantly improving comfort and hygiene during treatment. These aligners are changed approximately every 10 days and patients can receive several aligners at each appointment, which means more flexibility and less frequent visits to the clinic.

There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment, in fact, lower teeth tend to become crowded with age, making hygiene difficult and gingival health worse. In these cases, treatment with Invisalign is ideal. For certain aesthetic treatments, it is often necessary to complement them with short orthodontic treatments to maximise results.

Why do we work with Invisalign and not other brands?

+ 15 million

Many smiles have already put their trust in Invisalign.


Greater precision to the shape of teeth, attachments and interproximal spaces.


State-of-the-art proprietary technology.

At Øne Clinic we like to go for the most cutting-edge treatments and Invisalign is a brand that has been offering cutting-edge technology since 1997. And more than 15 million people around the world have already trusted it.

Invisalign pioneered the development of digital orthodontics. Thanks to its ClinCheck system, a proprietary technology, we can plan the treatment in a specialised and personalised way and show the patient the approximate final result in 3D.

It should be noted that Invisalign is a brand in continuous evolution, as they have software engineers, scientific researchers and great talent to innovate in their aligners and improve the quality, technique and effectiveness of the system. That is why at Øne Clinic we rely so much on Invisalign to treat our patients.

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