Dra. Ana Pedrol

Trained at New York University. Specialised in periodontics and implantology. Expert in the Invisalign technique, perfectly combining the surgical and aesthetic profile.

Nerea Gavilán

Nerea is the person in charge of managing and coordinating the clinic. She is the one who welcomes patients on their first contact with our clinic and is in charge of following up with them during their Øne experience.

Rebeca Alvarado

Consulting collaborator
Rebeca is in charge of looking after the health of our Øne patients' teeth and restoring their smile.

Dra. Miriam Cayuela

Aesthetics, Periodontics and Surgery
Graduated from the University of Granada. She is an expert in combining all the specialities of dentistry, offering the patient an individualised and multidisciplinary treatment, from implant surgery to high aesthetics.

Dra. Aroa Robledo

Dra. Aroa Robledo De La Vera, with a master's degree in orthodontics from the prestigious university of Oviedo and has more than 15 years of experience.

Dra. Carmen López

Oral Rehabilitation, Aesthetics and Orthodontics
Trained at New York University, an expert in restorative dentistry on teeth and implants, specialising in aesthetic dentistry and smile design, she completes her training in invisible orthodontics. Offering a complete dental service in the planning of treatments for the functional and aesthetic improvement of the smile.

Dra. Carmen López

Dental Aesthetics
Dra. Carmen López Laserna Rodríguez is a well-known dentist in Marbella. She has more than fifteen years of experience, and today she is an expert in dental aesthetics, aesthetic orthodontics, invisible orthodontics, periodontics and children's dentistry, among others.

Øne Team has been designed to provide holistic dental and facial care treatments, integrating in the same space the best professionals with years of experience. These areas are specialised and equipped with the latest technology to treat you better than anywhere else. Your happiness is our priority.

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