What happens if we don't replace a missing tooth?

Although it may be thought that the only consequence of not replacing a tooth is to In reality, it can lead to serious functional consequences such as:

The food impacts against the gum in the gap that the tooth has left free, causing some discomfort and even deteriorating the mucous membrane. Because of these
discomfort, it is usually chewed on the opposite side of the mouth. This overexertion of chewing causes wear and tear on healthy teeth. In addition, chewing difficulties can negatively affect the swallowing process.

Neighbouring teeth are knocked down to close the space, leaving gaps with neighbouring teeth, where food accumulates and decay occurs.

Worsening cardiovascular health, as oral bacteria cause inflammation that reaches the bloodstream, leading to hardening of the arteries and even damage to the valves of the heart

Localised pain in the area of the ears, temporomandibular joint, neck and head pain due to overloading of the musculature.heart.

To avoid any of these problems, it is best to replace the missing tooth as quickly as possible.
Painless anaesthesia with STA, new dental technology

At Øne Clinic we know that our patients do not like needles or are even afraid of needles, that is why we are committed to cutting-edge dentistry and that is why we have a STA anaesthesia machine, which thanks to modern and advanced technology allows us to control the anaesthesia by computer to offer a dental experience without pain, stress or anxiety.

Digitally, we can intelligently control the speed, duration and pressure of the infiltration of soft tissue and gingiva. And in doing so, we achieve:


pain caused by the infiltration of the anaesthetic fluid into the tissue when performed below the patient's pain threshold.


the feeling of "fear or phobia of the dentist" by eliminating anxiety about injections.


the feeling of a "numb mouth" at the end of the treatment, because with the STA system only one tooth can be anaesthetised.


The patient feels more comfortable, as he or she does not see a conventional syringe.


The amount of anaesthesia to be used is better, which results in greater safety and comfort for the patient and better reaches all the nooks and crannies of the mouth.

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