Tooth whitening at home.

It is also possible to do this tooth whitening at home! Home treatment is carried out with ONE APPLICATION every day for approximately THREE weeks, depending on the individual patient.

Is tooth whitening harmful to teeth?

No, the process used by Øne Clinic uses a special light-activated peroxide that releases oxygen. The oxygen particles are responsible for breaking down the stain rings, which means that it does not wear down or affect the teeth or enamel.

How long does whitening last?

Teeth are constantly exposed to the staining agents in wine, tea, coffee... The final result and the maintenance of the results over time depend directly on the degree of exposure to the staining agents. Our team recommends that, once the desired shade has been achieved, regular annual reminder treatments are carried out to keep your teeth bright and shiny.

How can I extend the duration of teeth whitening?

Teeth tend to darken over the years. In order to try to prolong the results of the treatment, we recommend, above all, maintaining correct dental hygiene, brushing your teeth several times a day.

In addition, we recommend eliminating smoking, because of the consequences it has on dental and general health, and also because it is one of the main enemies of white teeth.

Finally, it is advisable to carry out regular maintenance to ensure the colour and brightness of the teeth for a longer period of time.

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