Digital Smile Design clinic in Marbella

The digital smile design consists in virtually design a smile in a computer, the shape and type of teeth can be fully customized according to the facial features enhancing and improving the harmony and facial beauty. This means that you can choose the teeth shape that you like most and be able to visualize it through a 3D simulation.

DSD Clinic in Marbella

Initially data is collected to be able to make a complete facial analysis based on 3D facial scan, 3D intraoral scan and Video for smile dynamic analysis. Based on this full face aesthetic analysis on a 2nd appointment we will purpose a Smile Design, fully customized according to your facial features and expectations.

In the most of the cases its posible to try that design through a smile mock up in patients’s mouth and see how the final result will look like live.

Some complimentary treatments might be recommended, if you are interested in maximize the dental treatment results with the facial complimentary treatments, that is what differentiate our clinic, the holistic facial approach, Øne Face Øne Smile™.


What is the Smile Donator concept?

Thanks to the intraoral scanner, Øne can offer the Smile Donator concept, which means you can copy the natural teeth of a smile you love such as a friend or relative and use those natural shapes as the design for your own smile.


What is the Smile Backup?

The Smile backup concept is also available, whose purpose is to copy your teeth and store your shape and aesthetics so they can be easily replaced with the same form sometime in the future should your teeth age or an accident occurs.

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